Friday, 6 January 2017

Friday coffee break

Friday is probably my favourite day of the week. I would like to celebrate the week and weekend ahead with a few of my current preoccupations.

Film of the week

I treated myself to a couple of dvd's over Christmas. one of them Kon Tiki is transporting. It takes us from Lima in 1947, all the way to Polynesia on a balsa wood raft, using trade winds and currents only. This ancient technology was replicated by experimental archeologist and all round Indiana Jones Thor Heyerdahl in an attempt to prove that the islands were colonised by South Americans, not Asians.

My choice was inspired by one of my favourite childhood books, The Kon Tiki and I, by shipmate Erik Hesselberg. I'm sad to say that I coloured in quite a few if his pen illustrations as you can see from the cover...


There is something very addictive about Pinterest - I can lose hours hopping from one beautiful image to another. I have just started a new board, Blue. It is currently full of indigo textiles and paint pigments.

Ceramic crush 

Having just read Edmund Du Waal's extraordinary book 'The White Road' on the development of porcelain, I have discovered the delicate pastel tableware of Kirstie Van Noord. Check out this article and fall in love!

A birds eye view of Kirstie's work.

Favourite photo from my studio.

It has to be Winter Skies. I have working on this painting for weeks now. It keeps changing and morphing into different things, but I think I have it finished now!

Winters Sky
acrylic on canvas