Friday, 17 February 2017

Just sold....

Great way to end a week :) Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing.

Autumn Red, Autumn Orange 
acrylic on canvas

Autumn Light
acrylic on canvas

Friday coffee break

I have had a good week of work, with lots of different paintings and thoughts on the go. Here is one of my finished canvasses Rainclouds And Sunshine
acrylic on canvas

thanks to Saatchi Art for selling my Tapestry painting this week...very pleased to be sending it off the The States. It is such a thrill to think of artwork travelling the Atlantic  :)

acrylic on canvas

I hope that you are looking foward to a fun weekend, we are joining some friends on Saturday evening to help celebrate a landmark birthday.....discretion forbids me spilling the beans! I am making the cake, which is the sort of task I love.

I have decided on Nigella Lawson's gorgeous flourless chocolate almond cake. it is most delicious and definitely worth the planning ahead time needed to boil oranges (not the sort of thing I do in my kitchen very often it must be said).

This photo comes from a lady named Courtney on Pinterest, it is made using hazlenut flour, and looks pretty good too.

Talking of gorgeous things I have been spending time with a childhood friend and inspiration this week. The amazing illustrator Brian Wildsmith has definitely influenced me on a deep level. His colours!!

 Take a look below at a couple of his works, and follow this link to a major fan on Pinterest

"What the Moon Saw" written & illustrated by Brian Wildsmith. Oxford University Press, 1987.


Brian Wildsmith owl illustration from the book "The Owl and the Woodpecker"

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Rainclouds And Sunshine

Matching today's weather!

Rainclouds And Sunshine
acrylic on canvas

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

I Dream, I Paint

Lots of layers and paint on this canvas. I find pinks, reds, oranges, cream and pastel shades a mesmerising puzzle.

I Dream I Paint
acrylic on canvas
Email me to purchase! This painting can be delivered worldwide. I accept Paypal, BAC's and UK cheques

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Saturday painting

Hope you are having a great Saturday, it is cold here in Kent and I am beginning to see the point of Swedish Hygge!

Just finished this 100x100cm canvas, I am enjoying wintry skies this weekend.

Tread Softly
acrylic on canvas

Friday, 10 February 2017

Lift off for prints 🚀

I have had prints in my repertoire for a while now, but not really engaged with marketing.

This week has been a bit of a turning point as I have sold several from my website - which I am really thrilled about.

They are such lovely quality, printed locally by a specialist art printer near Hastings, East Sussex, limited edition (50 only) and available on canvas or lovely paper.

Take a look below for a selection of my prints, and here is a link to my website to browse further, and get more information on packaging and delivery.

Have a lovely weekend all!

 Thoughts Of May
Print size: 36x14.5cm
Overall size: 44x22cm

Celebrating Spring
Print size: 25x25cm
Overall size: 33x33cm
Printed canvas size: 30x30cm

Early Morning Walk

Print size: 35x26cm
Overall size: 45x36cm
Printed canvas size: 70x52cm

Pastoral Idyll
Printed canvas size: 60x30cm, 90x45cm

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

New painting...

Sunshine on a grey day :)

Green And Golden Coastpath
acrylic on canvas