Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday coffee break

How has your week been? January can be a polarising month, as I type I can see snow falling and hear the wind creaking around our semi wooden home. For me it's the perfect time for cake :)

Painting of the week

I have had a great time in the studio this week. Lots of creative thought and flow - this is not always the case. taking advantage of this frame of mind, I have explored ideas that I have been mulling over for a while.

This orange and grey piece is 60x70cm. I have been experimenting with warm colours and tones. As a child orange was always my favourite colour....I think it still is, well this week anyway. So far it has the working title of Tangerine, not very evocative so I am hoping for a better idea to rise to the surface.

Basquiat love

I cannot define what actually draws me to the work of 80's Titan, Jean Michel Basquiat. The combination of colour, which is sometime aggressive and usually quite primitive, his neo expressioniat style, his fascinating place in the vibrant 1980's New York art world, and his attention grabbing exploits outside the art arena probably caught my eye when I was a student. Watch this quirky film - a nice bio pic.

Untitled Skull
Jean Michel Basquiat

Recipe of the week

Anna Jones is one of my favourite cookery writers. This British writer, cook and stylist creates the most subtle, sophisticated and refined vegetarian/vegan recipes. A far cry from food with the label 'good for you' these recipes feel nourishing and light. I have two of her books, A Modern way To Cook and A Modern Way To  Eat  and am devoted to both. For a touch of January uplift though, I recommend these salted almond butter chocolate bars. A friend made me some after I confessed to eating all the mini bounty bars out of a chocolate selection!!


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