Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Beautiful Pembrokeshire

I have been visiting the Pembrokeshire coast with my family for around twenty years, and this week I am staying just outside Porthgain, an ex-industrial slate mining port. It's very tiny and very gorgeous, with a little harbour and evidence of the slate mine up on the headland. There is also an amazing pub called The Sloop Inn and a gallery specialising in Welsh art....recommended ;)

I am painting and photographing  outside on the coast paths and footpaths here, I have a little portable studio (it's not actually that portable as I can't bear to leave any paints behind) and I am making lots of beginnings of paintings. Next week back in my studio I will be spoiled for choice and ideas as I work on these canvasses further.

Evening light, being  westerly the evenings here are magical.

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