Thursday, 11 July 2013

Beautiful day

It has been a beautiful day today in Kent. A perfect temperature, with sun and a light breeze. I have spent the day in my studio, tweaking paintings, and thinking about the commissioned paintings I have on my list.

Here is a new painting I have been looking at today.

Towards the Sea
acrylic on canvas
for sale

Firstly I am making a 40x50cm painting similar to this one...Sorbet Summer, which is currently for sale. Take a look at my paintings for sale page.

Sorbet Summer
acrylic on canvas

Secondly I am working on a watery themed painting, similar to this, which is hanging my sitting room wall. I couldn't sell it, I love it!!

After Monet
acrylic on canvas

Thirdly, I have a Mexican client who would like a painting which reflects her vibrant country with it's extremely diverse flora. I am looking foward to this one!

Finally, I will work on a small painting, 30x30cm painting, similar to this one.

What I Love About Summer